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how to distinguish "conference" from "convention" and "congress " ?

My major is Event economics and management . We should know how to plan and organize a meeting , but I am wondering how to distinguish "conference" from "convention" and "congress " , someone who can tell me ? Thanks very much !

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    "Congress" is used more often in Europe than in America and is usually used for a meeting of delegates (people who have been chosen to vote on or decide something). "Convention" is a large gathering of people from many places who get together to see/meet/learn/network, etc. "Conference" is usually a much smaller meeting event, and is often used within professions (e.g., teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc.).

    Many people use these words interchangeably, however, so you shouldn't worry too much about being "correct" or precise. Other similar words are "trade fair / trade show," "exhibition" and "exposition."

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