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Die nutzen sie, wie die Wahl Rohanis gezeigt hat.

1. Is 'nutzen' in 'Die nutzen sie' a noun? If so, can 'die nutzen' in this sentence be translated into English as 'the advantages'?
2. What is 'sie' in ' die nutzen sie'? What part of speech is it? Seems to me I can't figure it out on my own.
3. Does 'die Wahl Rohanis' mean 'the election of Rohanis'? If so, why is Rohanis not in the genitive case, as it (the noun, not the person) should?

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    1) "etwas nutzen" is a verb, meaning "to use, to make use of, to benefit from". The corresponding noun would have been "der Nutzen". The two other parts of the main clause "Die nutzen sie" are the pronoun "sie" and the demonstrative pronoun "die" (articles can be used as demonstrative pronouns, in strength somewhere between a personal pronoun and a real demonstrative pronoun). With a real demonstrative pronoun, the sentence would be "Diese nutzen sie".
    2) The two other parts of speech in the main clause are the subject and the direct object ("etwas nutzen" is transitive). As both pronouns are ambigous, and German doesn't have SVO order, it's impossible to say without context which is which.
    3) Yes, it means "the election of (Hassan) Rohani". For foreign words and names, the genetive case if often formed with an "s", as in English, so "Rohanis" is indeed the genetive case of the name "Rohani".

    No, it isn't a noun, but a verb.

    Let's form the sentence a little bit other, let simplify:
    Sie nutzen die. Die Wahl Rohani's zeigt das.
    Sie nutzen diese. ...

    die = object. This article is refering to a noun in the sentence before.
    nutzen = verb. In englisch: use, take advantage
    sie = subject, 3. person plural (the people. Within the sentences before was the speach about any people, I think.)

    wie die Wahl gezeigt hat = is referring to the half sentence before.
    The election is showing/attesting, that the people now are taking advantage from ... (anything, that was described in the sentence before, perhaps new democratic rights?)

    Yes, die Wahl Rohanis' means 'the election of Rohani'. The "s" on the end of Rohani is the Genitiv-"s".

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