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what are difference between稍 &一点儿& 有点儿?plz(A little):)))

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    稍一点儿& 有点儿

    You first need to be aware that 一点儿 and 有点儿 are in fact used differently. ”稍“ (or ”稍微“)can be added before either of them (稍一点儿 or 稍有点儿)and is an intensifier. I think the closest version to English for "稍” would be "a tiny bit", where as 一点儿 and 有点儿 just mean "a little".

    The difference between 一点儿 and 有点儿 are as follows:

    一点儿 usually precedes a noun: 请加一点儿糖 (please add a little sugar)。Here you cannot use 有点儿. If you use "稍" here you have to say "请稍加一点儿糖“ (please add a little bit of sugar).

    有点儿 usually precedes a stative verb (a verb expressing a state) or a adjective. For example: 我有点儿累。我有点儿冷。我有点儿忙。You cannot use 一点儿 here.

    If you want to use 稍 here, you say "我稍有点儿累” (I'm a little bit tired).

    If you want to learn more about Chinese grammar, look here:

    稍 is a formal way,
    一点儿,有一点儿is more casual, usually we use 有一点儿more often than 一点儿,eg. 有一点(儿)冷,it is a bit cold


    有点儿=有一点儿(but in spoken Chinese,sometime we omit 一,just say 有点儿)
    eg有点儿 冷
    有点儿 饿
    有点儿 贵
    有点儿 忙
    eg 一点儿 水果 我买了一点儿水果
    一点儿 糖 请加一点儿糖
    一点儿 饭 我吃了一点儿饭

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