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what is the meaning of,“他出国玩儿的时候,对他住什么样的地方很挑剔”? is the meaning, “when he goes out to play, what aspect of his home is he picky about"?

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    什么样=which kind of.
    It is quite right that you perceive 什么 as the marker to put up with a question(to query), for example, 什么是你最爱吃的水果(What is your favorite fruit?) .
    But sometimes it could be general word,這句話沒有什麼道理。(means, "this sentence do not make sense, is nonsense"). Basically, 什么+noun=which( kind of) + noun. So, " aspect of his home is what he picky about "-----it suddenly up to my mind that the point tend to be that you omit "对"(to, with regard to), if put that sentence like 他(对他住什么样的地方, with regard to which kind of place he lives in)很挑剔 , it seems to be easier to understand. May this help u^-^

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