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て form of verb

Hi everybody there's a total mess with Japanese conjugations in my head and I need your help. When you use a verb with て, like 雪は降って.
Also all those polite copulas only make it worse. As far as I understood there are 4 of most used: ます(just a polite copula)、です(informal equal is だ), あります(informally ある), います(いる). But as I open the conjugations table it gives me 6 stem forms for any verb plus 10 key constructions. And what am I supposed to do with them? Its so confusing. Is there some nice instruction how to use verbs in Japanese.

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    I was lucky for Japanese verbs to have come easily for me. Check out Tae-Kim's guide to Japanese Grammar on google, if you haven't already. I'm not sure how in-depth he goes regarding verbs and verb forms but I found it very useful.

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