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Could someone please translate for me a short message from German to English?


I teach Russian and one of my students is going to Murmansk. As I lived there, I gave him my e-mail to help him in any troubles. He is Chinese and he doesn't speak English, Russian or French, he speaks German. I just started to learn German, so I didn't understand the question he sent me yesterday. "Полярное сияние" means Aurora Borealis, or Northern light. Could you please translate this message for me?

Liebe Eleha:
ich habe eine frage,die Temperatur ist gesunken,aber "Мурманск", sind 5-10 grad Celsius unter Null,dadort ,gibt es schoenen "полярное сияние", ich habe gehoert,will "полярное сияние" soll ich ganz ganz kalt, nun wann gehe ich dadort?

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    My try, I'm not German!

    Dear Eleha:
    I have a question, the temperature fell, but "Мурманск" there are 5-10 degrees Celsius under zero there, there are beautiful "полярное сияние", I heard that, if I want "полярное сияние" I must go to a very very cold place, but when should I go?

    If it doesn't make sense wait for native speakers!

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