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Is it appropriate to give my Chinese friend a present for Spring Festival? Would it be very strange or unusual (like giving a present for Halloween in the USA)?

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    It's not very often for friends to give each other presents during the spring festival. The Chinese spring festival is a rare occasion for family members to get together and eat a reunion meal at one table. Usually the old people will give money sealed in red pockets to the young generation. And relatives will visit each other's households with a basket of fruits, wines and/or snacks. It is more usual for friends to send each other best wishes through popular chat apps like WeChat (in the past, we sent each other handwritten cards). But as I have mentioned, it's more of a family festival. However, your Chinese friend would be very happy to receive a present from a foreigner during spring festival. Traditions can be boring, break the tradition and give your friend a surprise!!! Hope this helps! :)


    you can if you are good friends, it is also usual in chinese, we often give allowance to child, give peculiarities of your hometown to good friends, but you'd better do it several days later, not exactly on January 1st.

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