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★Chinese: Please give me some ways to express emotions ★

Such as happy, sad, disappointing, Jealous, in love, ambitious, etc.

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    happy, 高兴的
    sad, 伤心的
    disappointing, 失望的
    Jealous, 羡慕的
    in love, 恋爱中

    it is complicated...
    happy: 太爽了


    How you express emotions varies greatly depending on the situation and context. For example, happy can be expressed as 高兴,快乐,开心, 愉快, 开心极了 and so on。

    Sad can be expressed as;悲伤,难过,悲哀,伤心, 沮丧, 不太高兴 and so on.

    It would be better, I think, for you to learn how to express these emotions in sentences, rather than just learning a list of words.

    happy 高兴,开心,乐呵,爽歪歪(slang),愉悦,美滋滋,心花怒放
    sad 难过,郁闷,伤心,死的心都有了(slang),不爽,低落,愁死人
    disappointing 失望,失落,空欢喜,扫兴
    Jealous 羡慕,羡慕嫉妒恨(slang),眼馋(slang),眼红
    in love 恋爱,拍拖,心醉
    ambitious 抱负,志在必得

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