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What's the difference?

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    presto means soon, fast, quickly, early (早く - まもなく)
    subito means immediately, quickly (すぐ)

    il treno arriverà presto
    the train will arrive soon

    questa mattina mi sono svegliato presto
    this morning I woke up early

    fai presto!
    do it quickly

    lo voglio subito!
    I want it right now

    torno subito
    I will be back soon

    When you mean "quickly" you can use both:
    faccio presto / faccio subito
    I do it quickly (in a short while)

    Be careful
    because "subito" is also the past participle of "subire" (suffer, endure, undergo) sometimes we use the accent to make difference between subito adverb and subito past participle:
    sùbito -> adverb
    subìto -> past participle

    ho subito un torto (past participle of subire)
    (I hope that I translated in the right way ^^)


    subito means immedaiatly, without waiting.
    presto means soon,

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