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how do I say I m hurt in hindi

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    Muze bura laga or Muze chot pahunchi.

    If one is 'emotionaly' hurt, then it's 'Muzhe bura laga'
    If one is'physically' hurt, then it's 'Muzhe chot lagi hai'.


    १. मैं जख्मी हुआ हूँ | = main jakhmi hoon. २. मुझे जखम हुई है | = mujhe jakham huee hai
    ३. मैं जख्मी हुआ / हुई हूँ | = main jakhmi huaa hoon
    ४. मुझे चोट पहुची है | = mujhe chot pahoochi hai ५. मुझे चोट लगी है | mujhe chot lagi hai
    ६. मुझे ठेस पहुची है | = mujhe thes pahoochee hai = emotional as well as really got wound and bleeding.

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