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How do you sign off in Italian?

For example, in english:

In a conversation between friends or lovers, you could say "best wishes/all the best" (for one-way letters such as birthday wishes), or "love" or "yours truly"

In a casual work conversation with colleagues you know well, you could say "cheers" or "thanks".

In more formal conversations, "yours sincerely/sincerely yours" (if you're requesting something, such as in a job application), "best/warm/warmest regards" or simply "regards", or even "best" (although I hate this last one)

How would you sign off in Italian in the various settings?

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    Friends: ciao, ci vediamo, ci sentiamo, alla prossima, stai bene, stammi bene, riguardati...
    Casual acquaintances: arrivederci, auguri, si riguardi, stia bene...
    Formal acquaintances: distinti saluti, vi porgo i miei distinti saluti, vi porgo i miei migliori auguri...

    If it is a close friend you can use 'un bacio'
    For a moderate formal relationship you can use just ' saluti'
    In a formal conversation it is common 'distinti saluti' or 'cordiali saluti'

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