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Questions Lesson S3.5

I have some questions about sentences structures and grammar. I came across these in my most recent lesson.

1) Taro wa itsumo uso bakkari = Taro is always lying
The verb tsuku is missing here? Is this just implied from the context can you just leave it in informal situations? The context is a girl who is angry on her boyfriend being late for an appointment again.

2) Mainichi shigoto bakari shite ite. = Everyday he is only doing work (only working).
Which form is "shite ite" of suru. Why can't you just say over here shimasu or suru?

3) Kenka bakari shite irun desu = We only do fights / We only fight.
Is this sentence a bit less formal than "Kenka bakari shiteimasu."?

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
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