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what do we call a "Bully" in urdu" ?

for example "there is a bully at school who picks on the other children"

can you also tell me the verb for to bully/pick on/harass ??

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    1) Bully - (i) Ghoonda ("oo"as in good) غنڈہ --- (ii) bad maash (literally, a man with bad character) بدمعاش
    2) To bullly - (i) Ghunda gardi karna غنڈہ گردی کرنا (ii) bad maashi karna بدمعاشی کرنا
    3) To harass - (i) tung karna (rhymes with "hung") تنگ کرنا --- (ii) cherna چھیڑنا (ch as in china but with strong aspiration, like the steam engine sound :) ، r here is a trilled sound comparable to spanish rr )
    (iii) a slight variation of (ii) cher chaar karna چھیڑ چھاڑ کرنا

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