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How do you use نفسي ?

Please use examples. Thank you.

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    نفسي * (nafsy) means my self
    * in Egyptian dialect language it give the meaning of I want and pronounce like (nefsy)
    * it gives the meaning of my breath if you pronounce it ( nafasy)
    *سوف أكتب الواجب بنفسي ( I will write the home work by my self )
    *نفسي أروح/ أذهب إلى النادي ( I want to go to the club)
    *مش قادر آخد نفسي ( I'm not able/can't take my breath/breath well ^_^
    and the noun is النفس is giving the meaning like the soul or spirit, although they are different in Islam in their meaning ( it is a long subject ) but briefly النفس is like your inner sound and sometimes order you with bad things, the spirit الروح is from the order of the god and it is making the person life :)

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