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La Filosofía aprende a vivir como ‘maría’

1. Does that mean, Philosophy becomes an unimportant subject (in school)?

2. If so, why did they say 'aprende a vivir,' which literally means, 'learns to live'?

3. Is 'aprender a vivir' an idiom in this particular context?

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    As I see in the piece of news where it's taken from, that literally means "Philosophy learns to live as an unimportant subject", meaning "Philosophy has to resign itself to be an unimportant subject" or "Philosophy has to accept to become an unimportant subject". In that sentence the philosophy becomes personified as someone who has to cope with being unimportant and having to "learn to live as an unimportant subject".

    "Marías" are usually school subjects that are considered so unimportant that even teachers don't care about them and might give all the students good marks automatically while nobody cares about it.

    Aprende a vivir como María, means "learn to live as Mary (mom of Jesus lived)", to live with humility, compassion and lots of love to give to others.

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