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Are you unlucky in love?

Sometimes u find the right person...u r with him/her on the right the right time...then something is wrong...maybe u r unlucky in love.

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    hmmm .... never happen something like this to me.

    maybe I've chosen the right persons

    ... or maybe I'm lucky in love :D

    hm...nice question...well i think that nobody is unlucky in his/her love .yes,it happens sometimes that we loose our love becoz of some mishappenings....but that doesnt mean we r unlucky.
    in my opinion ur love is already decided by god,its decided who is going to stay in ur life.
    so if we loose ,,we get too.dont worry.....try to forget what has happened . may be u may think after the happenings that wat has happened with me was correct thats why today i m the happiest person.!!!!!!
    just cheers/\/\/\/\/\/ !!!!! :D

    No, in fact, that the district does not give him something nice man but I somewhat lucky in relations Algatefih and always searches for new adventures

    i am wait you

    No, I'm always lucky in love.

    No, I'm always lucky in love

    lucky or unlucky.. i still move on with my life.. but with hopes and memories..

    i think that the oposit am lucky in love but am unlucky in time to apréciate it .

    it's really hard to say lucky or unlucky,people have different feelings in love..

    hi nada
    كيف حالك اتمنى ان تكوني بخير
    وفي البدايه اود ان اشكرك على التواصل معي .
    اما بما يخص سؤالك باني اذا كنت سيء الحظ ام لا بالنسبه للحب ؟
    فلا اعلم ان كان جوابي سيرضيك ام لا ولكن لابد من الاجابه بصدق
    فانا اشعر باني من اسعد الاشخاص اللذين خاضو تجربة الحب فقد حصلت على الانسانه التي اريد وانا والحمد لله اعيش معها اسعد ايام حياتي
    وانا اعتذر وااسف اذا كان ما حصل لك هو عكس الذي حصل معي واتمنى ان يوفقك الله ويجمعك مع من تحبين
    وفي النهايه ارجو ان اكون قد اجبت على سؤالك

    مع تحياتي .... عماد
    never really really been there, so ....

    Everything will be depends upon only like lucky and unlucky also some times may be don't imagine but we got so many things that may be the unexpected any how i am lucky in every thing

    I think that no body is unlucky in love even if he fails many times with his partener.In these cases,I think that it's just a message to tell the two of them that the other one isn't appropriate for him and they shouldn't stay with each other.In fact,I believe that love comes alone without any feelings from us.It just enters to our hearts and builds a very beautiful palace for the person we love.And if he stays with him without any troubles,he'll know that he's the one who is supposed to live with.Even they have many difficult problems,they'll just face them and kill the hurt tey feel because of them.Just with their strong love.So,I think that it's not the place,the time or the person who decides love.It's free and flies to us to make us happy and give us what we look for;our half soul which we always search for.I think that it's "allah" who shooses our lovers.It's destiny!No one can control that.And even if someone thinks that he finds his one and gets some wrong things with him let him be far from him without any wants,he'll just be sure that his one is waiting for him in another place!So,no one should be disappointed in love just cos of one or two or even more of mistakes and problems every time he tries to create a relation with someone.
    im never be lucky in love when i love someone he most trevll and i think i dont love one agien

    I'm to busy & selfish to love I allways recive it this kind of position never happend to me before

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