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你好 :) Can u help me to learn to use 矮 properly? please

I have seen that to say "my hair is short" i have to use 很短 but i don't know which is the difference? How to use them properly?

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    矮is only used to describe the height of a person or a building, itss opposite is tall 高, and it's a vertical concept.
    短is used to describe the length of an object, its opposite is 长 long.
    他个子很矮。he's short.
    我的头发很短。my hair is short.
    In English they are translated both as short, but in Chinese they are not interchangeable.

    短means short in length, 矮 means short in height. So, 长 is the opposite of 短, 高 is the opposite of 矮.

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