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"hueco del cañón"

El líder hizo un llamado para el fortalecimiento[strengthening] de las capacidades defensivas de su país y añadió que la dignidad del país y la felicidad del pueblo dependen del "hueco del cañón".

what does '"hueco del cañón"mean?
the hole of the cannon? what is this supposed to mean?

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    Actually there is the same version of that piece of news in English:

    "He called for the strengthening of North Korea's defence capabilities, adding that the country's dignity and the people's happiness depend on "the gun barrel"

    "Gun barrel" would be translated as "ánima del cañón", but "hueco del cañón" might be more understandable. "Hueco" means the gap or "the empty space" of something, rather than hole. So the gun barrel is a "hueco". As in English, the sentence is a metaphorical way of saying that the people's happiness depends on the army and weapons.

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