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New ways to broaden my vocabulary?

Well, I've been using a few websites and flash cards and I also have a dictionary, but between learning grammar and kanji studying vocabulary the old fashioned way isn't as fun. It gets boring and I find myself not wanting to study or learn new words because it feels like school. Does anyone have any ideas?

P.S: I've though of translating songs and short stories (frequently used words will stick to my memory like glue, not to mention it'll help with my grammar...I think), but I'm not sure if that's an efficient way or not. Thanks to anyone who helps me and if you want to add anything that's not related to vocabulary, but will still help, by all means do so! :)

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    This is my way to study new words: Seeing animes with subtitle in your own language
    My favorite anime is Doraemon. And now new series are out there overwhelming on Youtube.
    1. What you should do is watch the film and try learn many words that you can get right from what you hear and guess and from the subtitles and every words that appears on the screen! If you find it an interesting word to study but can't not hear clearly the word, just look up the word English > Japanese via google.traslate. A very good online dictionary for you is where you can type romaji, katakana, hiragana or kanji for new words.

    2. Write them in a small pocket notebook and try to learn it when you've got nothing to do such as going to the toilet or sitting listening music on a bus.

    You will see how interesting the above method is and how excellent your Japanese becomes. I have myself over 2000 new words after just 3 weeks and guess what, I have become the best in my Japanese class in terms of new words and new structures I take from animes. Just give it a try!

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