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Writing a letter~

Omo I just can't get myself used to Korean ㅠㅠ
I should practice more ㅠㅠ
Uhmm sooo
Anyone could translate this for me?
I want to write a casual letter to an older friend.. So maybe the language will be a little formal? ><

" So oppa, how is the weather there?
Is it still freezing cold?
It's always summer in here.. I want to go there someday in the future and play with the snow~

Now to my main purpose~
Happy belated birthday, **** oppa!
Waa you are really getting old kekeke~
I hope all of your wishes will come true!
I hope more people will come and love you!
And I also hope to see you someday in the near future! Waa but that is my wish kekeke
I really wish you all the best, oppa!
Anyways, **** oppa's birthday is just a few day from yours right?
Don't forget to celebrate it together with the other oppa okay?

Ah! I forgot to greet you happy new year, oppa! Happy new year 2014! Please be healthy and happy! "

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