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Can't Type Chinese with US Keyboard - Which one is the best IME?

I installed Chinese IME - In the language bar I see "Chinese (Simplified, PRC)" - and then selected US keyboard, but iI am not able to type Chinese, I just see normal English being typed. I have this problem in computers with Windows 7 Professional and Windows Vista Ultimate. Selecting other keyboards solves the problem, but I would like to write Chinese using US Keyboard. Why can't I write Chinese with US Keyboard selected?
I have also installed google Chinese and Sogou Pinyin IME's which also work fine.
Another question is: Which one is the best Chinese IME in terms of faster writing (the most common sign is recommended first and does not have to be chosen from the list)

Thanks for your help 写写 :)

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    You should install Chinese Language Pack first. and then your system can process and display Chinese. At this point, MacOS will be more simple and smart

    Sugou Pinyin. You can download it there.
    its fun to change skins on the IME and easier for chinese pinyin typing compared to other IME.

    ur pc is bought from usa right? when u type some chinese character, it becomes the question mark right?
    if so, the problem is not about the IME, it is about the system.
    u should make some configuration in the panel of configuration.
    but i forget how to configue....
    try to search on the internet :D

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