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How do I say all of this in Japanese?

How to translate this is in Japanese

People say if we don't behave we might earn a one way ticket to hell, but what they fail to realize is that we are already there. Can't you smell the decline of morality ? Where have all the good people gone? . Where are the men that love there wives , and hold themself up high , and the Women? where are the ones that aren't toys , and have a moral code. Sometimes I feel like I m the only one , and I ask where is our leader? I tell people don't look down you'll fall down , nd you might become the sacrifice right or wrong . You'll learn that your mind isn't yours , nd that your a slave. Why can't you wake up?

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    Being a foreigner without having any previous background for studying Japanese, I hope the translation I provided was correct. (You seriously need to work on your english linguistics FYI)

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