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is there a way to know when to pronounce alef as an at the end of a word?


Eg. ﻟﻂﻔﺎ is pronounced with 'an'

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    It is Tanvin (تنوین). In your example it should be written لطفاً. But since people usually do not write it the right way I guess you have to memorize word ending with that.

    Most of these kind of words are adverbs so it s easy to recognize them in the text. Using Tanvin in Farsi is incorrect so don't use it in writing try to use similar words for example use "بتدریج" instead of "تدریجاٌ" ...

    actually "tanvin" originates from arabic words which is not abundant in persian conversation, but you should keep them in your mind. moreover, there are some arabic words like موسی or عیسی which are pronounced with \a:\ at the end of them.

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