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what does mean this sentence?14


what are differences between 食物 and 饭?

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    宋代=The Song Dynasty

    苏东坡 is a name

    大文学家=the great writer

    Su Shi (1037 ~ 1101), the word Zizhan, and the word SIN, "Dongpo justify," the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Gaozong North Korea, presented Taishi, recovery Shi, "Wen-zhong", Meizhou Meishan (Ji Jin Meishan in Sichuan), Su Xun is the eldest son of his father, the Northern Song Dynasty is well-known writer, painting, and essayist and poet. Jiayou 2002 (1057) and younger brother Deng with Jinshi Zhe. Granting Dali commentary, book-signing Fengxiang House Magistrate. Xi-ning, 2002 (1069), the father of the expiry of mourning Shouzhi also North Korea, for the Magistrate during the hospital. Wang Anshi political views and not to oppose the implementation of the new law, since, as requested, a Hangzhou-for-. Transfer of know, (this Zhucheng Shandong), the shift that Xuzhou. Yuan-Feng 2002 (1079), Li, "Ukrainian poetry in Taiwan", responsible for awarding Huangzhou (now Hubei Huanggang) Tuanlianfushi, state resettlement. Zhezong legislation, high-queen mother Lin Chao, Chao Feng-Lang to know Dengzhou (now Penglai of Shandong), the not Xunri, with the exception of personal Sheren, Sheren move in the book and move Hanlin degree Zhizhi Gao, known Libugongju. Yuanyou four years (1089) to know Hangzhou, that changed after the Yingzhou City, known Yangzhou, Dingzhou. Yuanyou 2008 (1093) Zhezongqinzheng, was banished from Huizhou (Guangdong Huiyang today), then banished Danzhou (now Hainan Danzhou County). Huizong enthronement, Yushe to the North, Jianzhong Yasukuni Shrine, the first year (1101) died in Changzhou (this is a Jiangsu), 65 years, buried in Jiaxian County Yu Chau (Jiaxian County, Henan Province today). Hao Fangpai representative. He and his father, Su Xun (1009 ~ 1066), the younger brother of Su Che (1039 ~ 1112)literature of the world, the WHO said the "three-" Late Han Dynasty and the "three Cao and his son" (Cao Cao, Cao Pi and Cao Zhi) famous . He is one of the famousworks "seven-Dongpo," "Dongpo Dynasty." In an old political party.

    苏轼(1037~1101),字子瞻,又字和仲,号“东坡居士”,南宋高宗朝,赠太师,追谥号“文忠”,眉州眉山(即今四川眉山)人,是父亲苏洵的长子,是北宋著名文学家、书画家、散文家和诗人。嘉佑二年(1057)与弟辙同登进士。授大理评事,签书凤翔府判官。熙宁二年(1069),父丧守制期满还朝,为判官告院。与王安石政见不合,反对推行新法,自请外任,出为杭州通判。迁知密州(今山东诸城),移知徐州。元丰二年(1079),罹“乌台诗案”,责授黄州(今湖北黄冈)团练副使,本州安置。哲宗立,高太后临朝,被复为朝奉郎知登州(今山东蓬莱);任未旬日,除起居舍人,迁中书舍人,又迁翰林学士知制诰,知礼部贡举。元佑四年(1089)出知杭州,后改知颍州,知扬州、定州。元佑八年(1093)哲宗亲政,被远贬惠州(今广东惠阳),再贬儋州(今海南儋县)。徽宗即位,遇赦北归,建中靖国元年(1101)卒于常州(今属江苏),年六十五,葬于汝州郏城县(今河南郏县)。豪放派代表人物。他与他的父亲苏洵(1009~1066)、弟弟苏辙(1039~1112) 皆以文学名世,世称“三苏”;与汉末“三曹父子”(曹操、曹丕、曹植)齐名。他还是著名的唐宋八大家之一,作品有《东坡七集》《东坡乐府 》等。在政治上属旧党。

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