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urdu mein "depression" kya hai ??

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    Urdu has adopted many technical terms from foreign languages such as English. The term "depression" has also been adopted in Urdu and everyone understands it as a psychological or medical illness. Some technical terms have been translated by "Urdu Language Authority", but no one uses them. An example: atom is translated as "jauhar" but it is seldom used. The word "atom" is normally used and understood by the masses.
    Urdu Dictionaries usually traslate "depression" by stating its symptoms. For example, "izterab" اضطراب (anxiety), udasi اداسی afsurdgi افسردگی (sadness), be chaini بے چینی (restlessness), mayoosi مایوسی (desperation) etc.

    hmmmm.. mera khyal ye (depression ya udaas) hai..
    not sure! :/


    اردو میں اسے ’ اختلاج‘ کھتے ھیں ـ
    In Urdu "Depression" is called " EKH - TELAG". This is a common illness, symptoms are sadness, un happiness, sorrow, woe & gloom.

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