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I know that this word is always used before starting to eat something. However, I've also heard in many J-dramas that this word is used in a formal way while receiving something from someone (or something like that). Can you please tell me in what kind of other situations this word can be used other than saying this before eating something?

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    It could be used as in helping yourself to something, for example

    "Watashi no uchi ni kuru?"
    "Ima wa hoka no youken de isogashii no de chotto muri kana.. moshi yokattara ato demo yoroshii desuka?"
    "hai, zenzen daijoubu desu!"
    "deha, okotoba ni amaete. sou shite itadakimasu!"

    You could say it when you receive a gift, or if you take something to make it yours. Eg, you can choose between many things, and you say "I'll pick this one!" 「これ、いただきます!」

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