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「what kind?」の日本語は何ですか?

"「What kind?」"

Can I just say: どんな?(or どのような?)
Or should I add the subject too: どんなの映画が好きですか?

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    It is all same meaning
    Nuance is slightly different each.

    どんな< {どのような、どういう、どういった same polite image than どんな}

    Try どういう映画が好みですか?

    どんな is good. No の after it, so どんな映画(が好きですか)?
    Answers would be "stupid movies" "light-hearted movies" "horro movies"

    どういう映画 would work as well. Answers would be "movies that make you think" or "movies that are very slow-paced" for example.

    どのような would be asking about technical things regarding the movies. I'm not sure I have a good example for this one in this context, but the answer to that question could be something like "movies filmed in 16mm with a Nikon camera" or "movies that exhibit the touch of Peruvian directors during the late fifties". It's like asking about the movie as a thing, not about the movie for its contents.

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