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Walkie-Talkie and Radio vocabulary

In English, when a person uses a walkie-talkie or a radio to communicate there is often a special kind of vocabulary and pattern of speech that is used. For example, perhaps to start I will say "Calling ____", such as "Calling all residents of Shanghai, calling all residents of Shanghai." When I finish speaking I will say "over", such as "what is your location? over." When the conversation is completely over I will say "over and out", such as "Okay John, I will see you there. Over and out."

Are there similar conventions in Chinese?

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    sometimes,the guy will mention the listener's name after he finish the conversation,the listener will know that

    如果没听清楚 :“我是小王,刚刚信号不好没听清,是哪位找我?”
    如果听清楚了就直接 “我是小王,请讲” 或 "收到 请讲


    3、“试音!1!2!3!”————“收到!清楚!” “XXX!XXX!收到请回答!”————“XXX收到!请讲!” “清楚” “明白” “请重复!请重复!” “通话完毕!”

    TOM:"Calling John, over" 汤姆呼叫约翰, 收到请回复
    JOHN:"roger that!" 已收到! 请讲。
    TOM: "What is your location? over." 你在什么地方,收到请回复。
    JOHN: "I am on the sencond floor. over" 我在2楼,已收到! 请讲。
    TOM: "Okay John, I will see you there. Over and out." 好的,约翰,一会儿2楼见。本次通话结束。

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