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Can both of these 擬音語 words be used to say "Knock knock"?
I mean, sometimes when a person is entering somewhere, say for example in a roommates room, he would say "knock knock" just for fun to mean that he is knocking on the door but actually he is imitating the sound of knocking on the door through his mouth.
In Japanese/Japan if a person enters somewhere like that, which one will he/she use? 「どんどん」 or「 ぽんぽん」?
An example of this can be seen in this video (if you would like to know what I meant so far!!!):



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    Unfortunately, both of these 擬音語 you suggested are not appropriate in stead of "Knock, knock." Thas't because どんどんsounds like a huge sound, so it sounds like some strong and wild man is knocking on your door so hard!!:) And also, ぽんぽん sounds like a bit comical or childlike, so it sounds like some kind and pretty creature is knocking on your door with something soft. Probably what 擬音語 you want is こんこん. This is often used for "Knock knock" and you can find it in Japanese picture books.

    I'm sorry to forget answering the other question of yours. 口コミ is reputation or rumor spreading from people to people. Probably it comes from 口 and コミュニケーション(mouth and communicaton). So you can use it like this,「彼の悪いうわさが口コミで広がる。」 (His bad reputation spreads from people to people.)

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