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Vedic Chants

Namaste Dear Indians !

I'm currently writing a paper for school about Vedic Chants, and I need your help about Paathas.

• Prakrithi Paathas : Natural order
1. Samhita or Vakya Paatha : abcdef…
2. Pada Paatha : a, b, c, d, e, f…
3. Krama Paatha : ab, bc, cd, de, ef…

• Vikrithi Paathas : Artificial order or complex order
4. Jataa Paatha : ab-ba-ab, bc-cb-bc, cd-dc-cd, de-ed-de…
5. Maalaa Paatha :abc, bcd, cde, def…
6. Sikha Paatha : abc-cba-abc, bcd-dcb-bcd, cde-edc-cde…
7. Rekha Paatha :
8. Dhwaja Paatha : ab-yz, bc-xy, cd-wx… xy-bc, yz-ab.
9. Danda Paatha :
10. Rathaa Paatha :
11. Ghana Patha : ab-ba-abc-cba-abc, bc-cb-bcd-dcb-bcd, cd-dc-cde-edc-cde…

A. Does any one knows how Rekha, Danda and Rathaa Paatha are built ?
B. Is the correct writing Patha or Paatha ?
C. Can you help me with the translation of the paathas ? I know Jata is a braid, Maalaa is a garland, Rekha is a row, Dwaja is a flag, Ratha is a chariot, Ghana is a bell... But I don't know about the others.

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