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Can someone help me with a sentence? I will first tell about the context. In this story a boy named Taro is together with his girlfriend at the house of his father. Taro only eats meet and his girlfriend suggests to eat vegetables as well, because he only ate meat up to now. Taro says (with a joke) that he is allergic for vegetables. Then his father says:

Tarowa yasaiga kirai de, niku shika tabenai kara na.

The translation of this sentence is given as: Taro has not liked vegetables since he was little and he only eat meat.

I think the translation is wrong. There is no such word as "little" in here. I would translate this sentence as follows:

Because Taro dislikes vegetables, he only eats meat.

When translating I have assumed that "de" expresses the reason over here. And the final kara is somehow double (I don't completely understand why you would make it double). The final sentence ending particle na is just a casual emphasis on the opinion or statement.

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    I think "de" just connects sentences.
    He listed two reasons "yasaiga kirai" AND "niku shika tabenai".
    Or he rephrased the reason.

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