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どう言えばいいですか? how should I express it in this kind of situation?

let's say that

I was talking with a Japanese friend, and there's a thing that I've wanted to recommend to that friend. however, that friend started to lead the conversation into what I've wanted to say, coincidentally.

so in English we might say something like 'I was going to recommend that to you, anyway' right? but how should I express it in Japanese?

what I've come up with is 'それを進めするつもりだけど' is that proper? and other than that, what's another ways I might say it?

thank you. :)

Additional Details:

adding a clearer version of situation:

suppose, I've been touring Bangkok with my Japanese friend. then she suddenly say "I wanna eat some ice cream", but I've been thinking about recommending her a near by ice cream cafe at that time, though. so what can I say in this kind of situation?

Additional Details:

I've been thinking about a word ちょうど, can it be used in this situation? is this form of sentence correct or makes sense anyway? : それを進めするちょうどだけど。

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    Answers will vary depending on the situation, but it is no problm the intention of "consent".



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