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How to translate this sentence "моё раздвоение вычислит кто-то" ?

Hello! I'm having some difficulties in translating this sentence, the literal translation seems too weird to me, but I think I have no choice. So, what do you think?

I know that "раздвоение" means split (maybe is it also the operation in math?) and вычислит comes from вычислить, that means calculate, so the translated sentence would be "someone calculates my division"?

It's the sentence of a song, so I'll post the verse:

"Коньяк не горчит, как одни твои мнения
Конечно, тебе не понравится это
Без сомнения, на этот пути уже нет поворотов
Моё раздвоение вычислит кто-то"

All of them, but this one I'm showing you, I could easily translate.

Спасибо заранее!

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    "Моё раздвоение" means "my split personality" here. Of course the female character of the song doesn't have a mental disorder.
    The verb "вычислить" is also used figuratively in this sentence. It has a meaning "разгадать, догадаться, правильно определить".
    These lyrics mean that somebody will reveal that she is suffering.

    here раздвоение means soul disease раздвоение личности
    вычислит-will find, will seek, will recognize
    It certainly does sound weird. You won't hear this anywhere but in a song.
    The phrase "раздвоение личности" also faintly resonates with the phrase "раздвоение пути" as in the previous sentence.
    In math the devision operation might be refered to as "(раз)деление", but not this.
    Overall it doesn't make much sense.

    вычислить - to single out

    When singer sings about some complicated things, he (or she) have to place all aspects in few strings.
    That girl sings about that she get drunk, because of her boyfriend. Definitely, the boyfriend is selfish, and the girl dislikes it. The boyfriend, in his turn, dislikes something about the girl, she considers so. It may be that, she had drunk, maybe that she sings about him, or maybe she will part with him, as she had decided already, or all of this. She had decided, and don't doubt, that she will go all the way. Perhaps she already has another boyfriend, and he may single out that situation, but she runs mad on it, because she still loves the first boyfriend.
    That song about this, I think.

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