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The difference between the words.

We know that the more the language has synonims, the more it's reacher :)
But my question is about the difference between similar words.
They are:

tavallisesti - yleensä
kantaa - viedä
tuoksua - haista
viihtyisä - kodikas

Additional Details:

And also:
tietää - tuntea (meaning: to know)

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    tavallisesti - yleensä: not much of a difference in my opinion, but 'tavallisesti' can also mean 'in a normal way'
    kantaa - viedä: 'kantaa' is to physically or figuratively carry something while 'viedä' is just taking something somewhere
    tuoksua - haista: 'tuoksua' is pleasant, 'haista' is not
    viihtyisä - kodikas: 'viihtyisä' is something where you enjoy being, 'kodikas' usually has the same connotation (is cosy too) but it reminds you of home, is like home etc.
    tietää - tuntea

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