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a common word in Urdu but hectic

I see the word 'kar' as a suffix with Urdu verbs a lot; e.g: hum saath 'mil kar' kam karyen ge. wohan 'ja kar' dekhu kia msala hai? etc...
What is the status of 'kar' in such phrases?

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    In above examples "kar" is used If a verb follows another verb, i.e., one action is followed by another. Like "to go (jana) and see (dekhna)"= ja kar dekhna. to join together (sath milna) and work (kam karna)= sath mil kar kam karna. The suffix "na" is removed from the first verb. More examples: dekh kar chalo (watch out and walk = walk while keeping your eyes open). Tum se mil kar aisa laga (I felt after meeting you). Taste it yourself = eat and see = kha kar dekho.

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