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How can I say that correctly in dutch?

What I wanna say is,

" is indeed a very useful site. I get a lot of help from there. Thanks for suggesting me that site."

What I came up with is the following.

" is inderdaad een heel nuttige site. Ik krijg goed help daarvan. Bedankt voor dat site mij te voorstellen".

Is it incorrect. If so, what is the right translation for it.

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    First sentence is perfect.

    "... Ik krijg goede hulp uit die hoek."

    "uit die hoek" (lit: "out of that corner") would be most closest to "from there" I guess.

    "Ik krijg goede hulp daarvan." means "I'm getting good help from that." (note: "from this" would be translated as "hiervan")
    "Ik krijg goede hulp daar." means literally "I'm getting good help there."
    "Ik krijg goede hulp van daar" would literally mean "from there" but I doubt it would be good Dutch. I think "van daar" would be used in the sense as of "coming from there". "mensen van daar".

    "Bedankt dat je mij die site hebt aanbevolen/aangeraden."

    "Bedankt voor het aanraden/aanbevelen van die site aan mij." would be closer to your English sentence, but sounds very unnatural to me.

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