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Can someone help me translate these song lyrics?

Kierrät ympyrää
Näet omat kasvosi
Joka puolella
Pikkulapsia peilitalossa
Sirkus yöllä
Sulkemisajan jälkeen
Sun täytyy särkeä
Jokainen peili
Kuvat kutsuu sua
Hullua naurua
Sun omat ajatukses

I've got some of it figured out, but some of the words I just can't get. Something about a nightmare? And tiny children in mirror house? Voitko auttaa?

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    you walk around
    see you own face
    tiny children in the mirror house
    circus on the night
    after the closing time
    you must broke
    every mirror
    pictures call you
    maniac laugh
    you own cogitations

    something like that...
    check out these links:

    It is pretty much like that, although:
    Kuvat kutsuu sua

    Goes more like:
    Pictures call you
    to play

    Or so I think.

    A kingdom for an edit button...
    Anyway, one more thing. It's about little or small children and not tiny children. Tiny children would be something like "pikkuruiset lapset".

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