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I am reading Bible now, but I have two questions

Psalm 6:1 from David.
1. what is חמת? I know it from חמה, but I dont know why, Can anybody explain it?
2. please explain this word " תיסרני" too.

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    1. חַמָּה - (hama) sun
    חֵמָה - (hema) anger, wrath, ire
    חֲמָתְךָ - your anger. ( the ה transforms to ת and ךָ means your)
    ת indicates future tence
    the root is יסר which means to torment, to cause pain ; to chastise, to punish to chasten, to discipline, instruct, admonish
    ני means me. ( in modern language אותי)
    everything together: chasten me, punish me (future)

    see here:

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