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Hello! Who can teach me hindi/punjabi?

For learning: Hindi
Base language: English
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    Hello Corinne,
    How are you? : Aap kaise ho?
    I am fine.: Mai achchi hu.?
    Learn this basics of Hindi from me.

    you can learn it from dictionary

    Hello Corinne! If you want to learn Hindi then I can help you just like your good friend. But I want to learn fluently English also. Can you help me just like my best friend?
    Harh Kumar

    Hi Corinne!
    I am sending some word and sentences as under to you to learn Hindi easily:-
    1. Mother ---- Ma 2. Father....... Pita 3- Brother--------Bhai 4. Sister------ Bahan/Bahin 5- Son----- Beta/putra 6. Daughter ------ Beti/ Putri 7. Friend ------- Mitra, Saheli ( for she), Sakha, Sakhi (for she) 8- Lover ------ Premi (for he) Premika ( for she) 9. Grand Father ------- Dadaji 10. Grand Mother ----- Dadiji
    Now some sentences :-
    1- What is your name? Aapka kya naam hai? 2. My name is ---------- Mera naam -------------- hai.
    3.Hello! How are you? Hello! Aap kaise(for he)/ kaisi (for she) hain? 4. I am fine, thank you. Main thik/achcha (for he) achchi (for she) hoon. 5- You are welcome Aapka Swagat hai. 6. I am very glad to see you Aapse milkar mujhe badi khusi hui. 7- I was waiting for you only Main aap hin ka intjar kar raha tha (he) / rahi thi (she) 8. I am very happy to meet you. Aapse milkar mujhe 9. Do you love me? Kya aap mujhse pyar karate(he)/ karati (she) hain? 10. I love you very much Main aapse/tumse bahut pyar karata (he)/ karati (she) hoon.
    These are some word and sentences for you. Now send me these words and sentences in Romanian, so I can learn Romanian language easily.

    with love,
    Your best friend

    Namaste(hello) are you.....I will teach you hindi...first add me as friend...ok...byeeeeeeeee

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