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Please help to explain the following sentence

교통사고 사망률 1위라는 오명을 가진 카자흐스탄이 음주운전에 700만 원의 벌금을 부과하는 등 교통법규 위반에 대한 처벌을 대폭 강화하고 나섰다.

교통사고 (traffic accident) 사망률 (death rate) 1위라는 (is ranked 1st) 오명을(disgrace) 가진(have) 카자흐스탄이 (Kazakhstan) 음주운전에 (DUI) 700만 원의 벌금을 (fine) 부과하는 (impose) 등 (etc) 교통법규 (traffic regulations) 위반에 (violations) 대한 (towards) 처벌을 (penalties) 대폭 (significant) 강화하고 (to strengthen) 나섰다(to launch).

From the above word for word translation, I tried to translate it from how I learnt the grammar but it doesn't seem to make sense. How I translate it is:

Kazakhstan has a disgrace of ranking first in traffic accident death rate. Kazakhstan to launch and to strengthen significant penalties towards traffic regulation violations that is (by) imposing fine of 7million won on drunk driving, etc.

Although the way I wrote it in english is 'weird' but is the general meaning correct?

Thank you.

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    I guess this article makes sense perfectly.
    Since english and korean have very different grammar and structure, translating word by word is almost imposible. I think if you want to translate, you have to cut some words and change the structure.

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