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Help translating "여러분들 앞에 쨘 하고 싶다" please?

"여러분들 앞에 쨘 하고 싶다"

I'm absolutely at a loss on what 쨘 could mean and I can't find it anywhere... I thought it could be something like "stay, appear" by the context but I'm not sure...


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    쨘 is mimetic(?) word. this is used when you take surprise actions.

    여러분들 앞에 쨘 하고 싶다 seems little awkward, 여러분 앞에 쨘하며 나타나고 싶다 is less weird. (쨘 is awkward word to me...)
    And means: "I want to appear surprisedly to all of you."

    쨘 is one kind of onomatopoeic words, like 쉿(hush), 우와!(wow), 펑(bang), 쾅(boom).

    and I guess the meaning of sentence what you wrote above is 'I want to make a toast / Let's make a toast.'

    because some old men such as company's bosses usually say this sentence in front of there staff in korea.

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