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what means 잃은 아이다운 빛이라고는

그런데 이 어린 친구가 길을 잘못 든 것 같지는 않았다. 몹시 고달프다든가, 시장하다든가, 목이 마르다든가, 무서워서 벌벌 떤다든가 하는 것 같지도 않았다. 사람 사는 곳에서 수만 리 떨어진 사막 가운데서 길을 잃은 아이다운 빛이라고는 조금도 없었다.

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    잃은 아이다운 빛이라고는 조금도 없었다

    Here 빛 refers to your facial expression, not exactly to the usual meaning of light. The word 눈빛 refers to how people express their emotion through their facial appearance.

    so if you link the whole thing together, it would somewhat mean as follows:

    I did not even show a hint of fear like a child who has lost his way

    잃은 아이다운 is technically an adjective who describes 빛 (facial appearance), it may sound clumsy to you but that is how korean expresses the same concept.
    다운 comes from the verb 답다 which is very similar to the english usage of -like. (e.g. child-like behaviour, cat-like gait). so here it's used to describe a child who has lost his way - the type of emotion (i.e. fear) that shows through the face.

    사람 사는 곳에서 수만리 떨어진 사막 가운데서 길을 잃은 아이다운 빛이라고는 조금도 없었다

    means: He didn't seem to get lost in the desert away from the place people live in. (right?)

    길을 잃은: get lost, 아이다운: seems childish.

    my translation is not fluent, so this is for just understanding.

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