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Is there a way to ask if someone can say the same thing, but in a simpler way?

So, usually when I don't understand what someone is telling me, I can say either:
1. もう一度話してください
2. もっとゆっくり話してください
3. わかりません

Sometimes I can understand a word or two, and feel like I could understand what they're saying if they just use slightly simpler language. Basically dumbing it down for me. Is there a way to ask such a thing in Japanese?


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    “もう少しかんたんな言葉でお願い(します)” works fine. As long as they know how to deal with leaners, they can put their saying simpler. If you can clarify what prevents you from understanding, like vocabulary or grammar, it then helps them to do so.

    Yes there is. Just say 「え?」(uh?)

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