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MSA and Classical Arabic

How different is Modern Standard Arabic from classical Arabic(الفصحة)?
Can anyone show some examples ?

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    Modern Standard Arabic nowadays called 3amiya: "عامية "
    it differs from from classical Arabic(الفصحة) ,,,each country in arabs world has its own dialect !
    amiya toke from fusha and changed some rules and some vocabulary ,,all of us arabic speaker ,speak amiya in our daily life but not all of us know how to speak fusha ! we learn in schools classical Arabic,and use it in formal speech in tv .news,books,magazine and newspaper ,
    for example : if you want to say ~>
    i want to go to university tomorrow :
    in classical Arabic : اريد ان اذهب الى الجامعة غدا
    Modern Standard Arabic (amiya): بدي اروح على الجامعة بكرا

    hope it helps ^^

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