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How do you say what's up? Is there another term for that in French besides bonjour?

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    An equivalent of "what's up?" is "Quoi de neuf?" in French. "Bonjour" is formal and you don't say that to your firends, you would rather say: "Ca va?", "quoi de neuf?", "qu'est-ce que tu racontes?" ... We have a lot of expressions to say "Hi" and those expressions also depend on where you're from.,

    Bonjour means literally, Good Day, and often used for hello. After about 6pm it's best to swap it for bonsoir ( good evening ). Salut is more informal and can be used hello or goodbye. "Bonne journée" sounds similar, but the meaning is different since it's used to wish someone a "good day".

    "How's it going" would be one of the variations of "comment vas-tu"/"comment allez-vous" ( Lit: How goes you ) "Qu'est-cw qui se passe" ( Lit: What is passing/going on ).

    If you want to ask about a specific topic you might use "Comment va ton père" ( Lit: How goes your father / How is your father doing ).

    In Quebec, to your friends, you say :
    Allo! / Hello
    Quoi de neuf? / What's up?
    Salut ! / Hi
    Qu'est-ce que tu fais? / What are you doing ?

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