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Japanese? "It takes 15 minutes to walk"

How to say in Japanese, "It takes 15 minutes to walk from apartment to university" ?

please correct me if I am wrong.

- アパートから大学まで十五分くらいかかります

- アパートから大学まで歩いて十五分行きます。

- アパートから大学まで十五分ぐらい歩いて行きます。

I feel it is the last one, but I would like to know a 2nd opinion, or suggestions for correction. Thank you!

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    アパートから大学まで十五分くらいかかります is correct since subject is 'it' in the sentence. The verb of 'take' is relating '15 minutes'. Therefore, かかる is the best word to be used for ths sentence.
    however, if the subject in this sentence is わたしは, you have to chosse sentence 3 because わたしは is omitted from that.


    Gabriel is correct. You could also say somethng like...

    アパートから大学まで十五分歩いてです。It's a 15 minute walk from my apt. to the university.

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