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what are difference between 建议&意见?

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    建议 can be a verb or a noun.
    i.e. (verb) 我建议你学习中文。
    (noun) 我的建议是学习中文。
    意见 is a noun.
    i.e. 我的意见是学习汉语。

    “建议”用在具体的事件或方向上,并且“建议”一定是说话人认为对事情有好处的一种想法或者指导,i.e.“老师在我英语学习上给了不少建议”the teacher give me some advice on learning English,the“建议”can lift my English level。
    “意见”①可用于具体的事情也可用于宏观的事情,但是这只是说话人的想法并不能确定“意见”将对对方产生坏处还是好处。i.e."员工可以向公司提出意见。""the employee can tell their thoughts to company. "employee's "意见” is not sure to make company better,is just their thoughts.i.e.“我对商场的服务有些意见。”“意见”cannot make the service better,just the costumer‘s thought.
    ②you are uncomfortable about sth/sb,i.e.小王对小李有意见。小王 dislike 小李,小王和小李 get along not well.小王对公司(的做法)有意见。小王 doesn't feel comfortable/satisfied with company(or sth the decision of company)

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