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Is 「エトセトラ」used in the same way as "etc." is used in English?
例えば、 「私の趣味は旅行や音楽や読書や芸術…(エトセトラ)です。」?

If not, is there another way/word to express "etc." in a sentence?

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    I often see the word 'etc.' used in documents and in sentences written on paper or on internet. (etc. is used but not エトセトラ in katakana ) but while talking we normally say 'とか’.
    And 'など' to make it polite
    Hope this helps.

    Indeed, the romaji "etc" is used widely by Japanese people aswell. Although there might be some people that are unfamilliar with the term, those people are rare.

    So if you say etc to Japanese people it'll surefirely be comprehended.

    I'd say it is better to use a real Japanese word instead of "etc" or even エトセトラ。I would probably use 「など」at the end of your list.

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