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when you pronounce..

when someone say "les gens" and "les ans"
how do you know which it is?
maybe it's just my insensible ears but I can't really find difference when I hear :(

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    Yes, it's probably just a lack of practice. Sounds you are not used to recognise. (I understand because we I speak English I fail to hear the letter H because we don't pronounce it in French)

    For me, "les gens" is miles apart from "les ans". (The first one sounds "lè jen" and the second "lè zen".) G is pronounced with top teeth almost touching bottom teeth in mock growling look. Z is a tongue only noise. Train your ears, then your tongue ! Good luck.


    Jacob, that's a tricky one! Try listening to this video, then do the exercises below (the last one at the bottom) - maybe it will help! :)

    ... And one more link if you really want to hear those sounds even more:

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