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how is the Russia's standard of beauty?

I'm wondering, how is the Russia's standard of beauty? Because I was talking with a friend and she said to me that she'd like to be thinner than now, and I think she's very thin and beauty already.

What is beauty? I think it's a natural state.
What do you think?

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    I think now men from Russia are picky) When they see girls in magazines or on TV, they think this is real life, but it is a photoshop or other things. Indeed, many believe that thinness - it's beautiful. And the girls are trying to follow this.Its ok, just need to know when to stop this.
    I think the standard of beauty is always - it naturally, athletic body, femininity, well-groomed hair and nails and of course good mind))) Generally, for every girl there will be the judge of her beauty.

    height minus 100 = weight


    I don't know how is it in other cities, but in my city, in Lugansk there are more girls than guys. Plus many guys drink vodka, don't have any job. Those who are ok are already married or they are бабники and they don't want to get married at all. Because there are more girls than guys, guys really are too picky. We have so many beautiful girls in Lugansk, but not all of them have boyfriends or husbands. I am saying that the standards in my city are very high. That's why girls have many complexes about their looks. They always think something is wrong. I think it's also a nature of a young woman. She always searches for some shortcomings in her appearance. That's why no matter how many times you tell your friend that she is skinny and beautiful she will still want to loose some weight:)

    Well, I suppose that she wanted u tell her how beautiful she is :)
    actually, it's up to everybody to decide whether a person is pretty or not. I think that it's all about yourself.. All that matters is how you express yourself) If you're confident,independent, you like your body,your appearance,etc,everyone will treat you like you do.
    Everyone is unique, and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)

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